Choose your Epoxy Floor


Full Chip Vinyl System

Hybrid Coating + Decorative Vinyl Chips

Colorful vinyl flakes can match your school colors or existing décor! When combined with the Hybrid coating, you get an industrial strength floor that will last!

Maintenance workers love how simple it is to clean. There are no grout lines to scrub or waxing involved in this seamless flooring system. Just use warm water and a mop bucket or scrubber with a gentle cleaner. For additional ease in cleaning, utilize our Vcove base that seals the coating up 4” of the wall; this is especially popular in bathrooms. 

Closing down areas such as entryways or bathrooms can be difficult even during the summer. The Hybrid coating has unique fast-setting properties so that you can conveniently be back on the floor within hours after completion.

There is no smell in this application, and there are no VOCs in the product. It can be installed in various temperatures, all the way down to 0°F (-17°C).

Like all of the Hybrid systems, this coating will hold its color; it is uv resistant and will not yellow over time.


Full Chip Mica System

Hybrid Floor Coating + Decorative Mica Chips

Enhance your environment with a decorative mica flake! It is a naturally mined product that will strengthen your floor and give it a ‘complete’ look.

These fancy, all-natural minerals looks similar to granite. They are great in bathrooms, entryways, and anywhere that deserves a rich look. Industrial strength, no smell, UV resistant, and a quick installation!


Hybrid Platinum Color Pigment System

Hybrid Floor Coating + Platinum Powder

Get creative with two-toned metallic look!

Try a metallic look that gives depth to your floor. Enjoy an industrial strength floor that is UV resistant, has no smell, and can be installed in one day. Stand out with this unique look. Great for commercial applications.

Color Options

Attached are the color charts for all of our epoxy floors. Email us for our custom floor options.